Anneke’s Downtown Hair Stylist are relocating as of April 16th. We will remain in operation at our current location until then and continuing to take calls thereafter. 734-663-6273

We are so grateful to all the guest and designers that have supported us and continue to support us. Anneke’s Downtown Hair Co. has been serving the Ann Arbor area from its Main Street location for 33 years. This salon was founded in 1989 with the aim of offering upscale professional salon services at affordable prices. From the beginning Anneke’s Downtown emphasis was on creating a friendly welcoming environment and forging long-term relationships with our guests. When Anneke’s opened, it was one of just a handful of large downtown salon and Anneke’s is still there in the middle of it all.

Ann Arbor has undergone enormous changes in the past two years. Despite our continuous efforts persevering through the pandemic, we have decided to depart from this location. Joyce and Jennifer, the owners of this establishment have had to make some very difficult decisions over the past 2 months. There has been a lot to consider moving forward. This has been a very complex time and the decision was not easy.

We have continued to put safety of our guests and staff at the forefront and so proud to hear our guests thank us for our striving efforts. We also want to give a special thanks to all of our stylist for the years of dedication and loyalty.

As we start new chapters in our lives, we’d like to inform you that we will still be taking care of our community from a few different locations. We want all the Ann Arbor area and guests to know you will be able to easily locate your stylists. Here how to reach your favorite stylist and we look forward to having you on this journey with us.

Relocating to Karma Hair Studio, 5100 Jackson Road Ann Arbor

  • Jennifer Falardeau (Owner/Stylist), 734-945-6526,, Anneke’s Bus # 734-663-6273
  • Emma Hawley, 810-262-1184, @emmajanebeautylane
  • Gerry Walsh, 734-645-1053,

Other locations

  • Jeania Getty, My Salon Suite #303, 820 W. Eisenhower, 734-260-8707,
  • Ellen Stermer, Lavender Park Salon, 2374 E. Stadium Blvd, 734-645-2472,
  • Deb Hendrick, Arbor Hills Hair and Body Salon, 2295 S. State St, 734-913-5557,
  • Elizabeth Colburn Inc., 734-649-7676,

Our stylists are relocating and improving their offerings while continuously striving to provide uninterrupted customer service that is second to none. We have stylists with experience who share the ideals of quality, value and client satisfaction, Anneke’s Downtown Hair is reaching out to the community to inform you of the changes to come. You will still be able to reach us during this transition or contact your stylist directly. We can provide you with further details by calling Anneke’s Downtown Hair Co.@ 734-663-6273 or visit our website for more information.